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Alternative Treatments for Prostate Cancer Using Natural Ingredients

Alternative treatments to overcome prostate cancer are still widely chosen by people in Indonesia. One way of treatment is to consume medicinal plants that are believed to cure prostate cancer. However, you need to remember if this alternative treatment can not replace medical therapy or ordinary surgical procedures. So, the use of alternative cancer treatments should be continued in the doctor's watch. Natural Ingredients Used as Alternative Treatments for Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the male prostate, which is a small gland between the penis and bladder. Prostate cancer usually grows slowly and only requires minimal treatment. Even so, there is also prostate cancer that can spread quickly. Here are some types of natural ingredients used as alternative treatments to help deal with prostate cancer: Pomegranate juice A study revealed that pomegranate juice might have a preventive and treatment effect on prostate cancer in humans. That's bec
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Various Possible Causes of Face Numbness are Important to Know

Numbness and tingling sensations can occur anywhere in the body, such as in the hands, feet, and even the face. Numbness in the face can be caused by several diseases that need to be aware of. The sensation of numbness in the face can be caused by damage or irritation that occurs in the nerves of your face. If this complaint is experienced, you should be alert, because there could be certain health problems that underlie the emergence of the complaint. Some Diseases Characterized by Symptoms of Numbness on the Face The following are some of the diseases that can cause numbness in the face: 1. Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that is affected by an increase in blood sugar levels. Without proper and ongoing treatment, diabetics can experience various complications, one of which is nerve disorders or diabetic neuropathy. This condition can cause complaints of numbness, including on the face. 2. Stroke Strokes can occur when blood flow to the brain is disrupted due to a blockage o

The Reasons Why Climbing Mountains Need Adequate Preparation

Mountain climbing has become a popular activity among children and teenagers. However, because the terrain that is traveled is not easy, preparation for mountain climbing must be carefully considered. Traveling to high places, one of which includes hiking is a strenuous activity. When climbing a mountain with a certain height, the oxygen pressure in the air will decrease. This is what can make a person experience health problems when at high altitude without good preparation. Be sure to pay attention to the safety factor There are some mountain climbing preparations that must be done by climbers, one of them is by preparing climbing equipment. In order to climb mountains properly, a climber must bring the right equipment. In addition to making it easier, the preparation of appropriate mountain climbing equipment is also useful for maintaining security. Some things to consider include: Ensuring health conditions Before climbing a mountain, a very important preparation is to